Automotive Industry

To be a part of green automotive revolution, our core values insist to employ sophisticated technological talents to develop and create sustainable automobile subassemblies. We keep introducing high value-added goods that improve the performance of vehicles in a system that spans every stage of manufacturing, from the creation of materials through manufacture and processing.


With increasing demand for OHV sectors, we strive to maintain its momentum by assisting in maintaining stability with the goal of achieving zero machine downtime.

We offer our clients the products necessary for the reliable performance of their equipment. We achieve this by using ICT and IoT technologies to visualise the status of machinery, expanding technical capabilities, raising part quality, creating a supply chain, and more. We strive to improve the failure prognostic detection rate and improve the accuracy of solutions.

Power Tools

To strengthen sustainability - improved performance, more power - less friction; our efficient and expert R&D team with world class machinery enables us to offer low-cost high-volume products and Industrial high specification long life components.


We know High Level from the automotive industry and also implement our experience and core competencies in the industrial sector. Especially when it comes to niche products with small and medium quantities. For example, welded assemblies, frames for ventilation systems or the production of heat exchangers according to customer specifications.

EV Segments

Our business is driven by technology and innovation. To address the changing needs of our clients, we produce mechanical and electrical hardware systems, components, with a strong emphasis on R&D. We are one of the few companies that can design high power density electric vehicle (EV) systems that can handle high torque demands with a lightweight design while meeting strict durability, performance, and noise and vibration (NVH) specifications, allowing EV manufacturers to improve the range, acceleration, and overall efficiency of their vehicles.

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